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About us

Founded in 2018 by one of the UK's most highly regarded colorectal surgeons, Get Well Soon is part of the Medmin Group, a medical business based in the West Midlands that supports surgeons in running their practices and helping patients to find the treatment they need. Five years on we are now one of the largest groups of clinicians in the UK.

We understand that, for some patients, waiting isn't an option. If you don't have private medical insurance, private healthcare could still provide a solution for you but finding out how much it costs to self-pay for treatment is often difficult and confusing.

That's where Get Well Soon can help.

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All the clinicians we work with are consultants, all hold, or have held a substantive post in the NHS. That means they are highly experienced with an expertise in the conditions they treat privately.

When we were thinking about who we wanted to treat Get Well Soon patients, we thought the best people to ask were our network of consultant surgeons. We asked them, "who would you choose to treat a family member for a particular condition?".

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the same names kept coming up and so those were the surgeons we asked to work with us. We think that peer reviews are important but we would also like to hear from patients too about their own experiences of treatment.

Healthier Choice
Healthier Choice

Our hospitals

There are five major private hospital groups in the UK. Spire, Circle Health Group, Ramsay, Nuffield and HCA. There are also many more smaller providers who can perform the day-case elective surgical procedures that Get Well Soon offers. Just as we consider carefully which doctors we want working with us, so it is with hospitals and treatment centres too.

Hospital fees can vary considerably. Prices depend on the facilities offered, the hospital's location or just pricing policy. The hospital fee is the largest element of a procedure cost so we thought that it would be helpful for patients to be able to see those prices, side by side so they could make a comparison and prioritise what is important to them.

Guaranteed pricing

Price is important, particularly if you are paying for yourself. We wanted to make things more transparent and fair for self-pay patients who, traditionally, have been left to fend for themselves.

All our surgeons receive the same fee for a particular procedure, as does the anaesthetist, regardless of where the operation is carried out and this is covered in the GWS surgical fee.

Also included is a fixed arrangement fee to cover our price guarantee as well as the costs of running the service. If extra charges are levied by the hospital, we will pay those providing you have booked treatment through us.

With surgeon, anaesthetist (where used), and the GWS price guarantee fixed, The difference you see in pricing for a particular procedure is the hospital fee.

Hospital fees are often set by the individual hospitals themselves. There is often some striking differences between hospitals, sometimes even hospitals in the same group.

Fee differences can be caused by different service levels or a more luxurious experience. Perhaps a nicer room if you are staying overnight or a better choice of meals if you stay to eat.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

We are 100% impartial

the choice is yours.

Unlike price comparison sites (like hotels or insurance) we don't receive incentives from hospital groups to recommend one hospital over another. The way we remunerate surgeons and take our fees (they are the same regardless of location) means that there is no reason for us to recommend one hospital or surgeon over another.

We have chosen surgeons and hospitals carefully to ensure that patients will receive a high quality experience wherever they choose, the aim is always to Get Well Soon.

Find out more about the treatments we offer

Use the drop-down menu to discover which treatments we offer through Get Well Soon. If what you are looking for isn't here, call us anyway we can usually recommend someone who can help you.

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