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We understand that when you don't feel well, making decisions about your health can be stressful. Get Well Soon is here to help.

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We believe that you should have the freedom to choose the treatment that's right for you, rather than being told where, when and with whom you can be treated.

Because we are independent we have chosen to work with the best doctors we know and only list high quality hospitals and clinics.

We also guarantee our prices, no nasty surprises or escalating costs.

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Making the right choice on your journey to recovery should be quick and easy.

We have made the process simple and transparent.

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A short list of carefully selected consultants will allow you to choose who you wish to see.

Our procedures

At Get Well Soon we specialise in elective procedures.

Elective surgery is different from urgent or emergency surgery, where the patient’s life might be in danger but we understand that for many patients, these conditions can often be debilitating and painful.

Elective procedures are often the sort of operations that the NHS are unable to prioritise, so seeing a doctorprivately may be the only way you can have your condition treated quickly.

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